Please, complete the questionnaire with administrative information about your SME and/or Pilot Group. Be aware that you will need to answer a different set of questions if you represent a SME, a city or a large business. Don't forget to upload a letter of support if you have a new applicant city in your Pilot Group.

Only click on “Apply” when you complete both questionnaires - administrative and technical.

Click here for a guide on how to complete your application.

Complete the open call technical questionnaire. Please take the following steps:

1. Enter the name of your pilot project

2. Select the challenge that you are going to tackle with your pilot project. Note that you can only select one challenge.

3. Select the Core Pilot Cities where you would like to pilot your solution in. Note that you must select at least 2 cities if you are applying as a single entity and one city if you are applying with a new applicant city. 

4. Select only one priority Core Pilot City where you would like to pilot your solution in.

5. Answer the 20 technical questions about your pilot project.  More guidance on how to answer specific questions can be found here

6. Upload your:

You can find all the templates you need in the open call toolkit for applicants. 

Only click on "Apply" when you are ready to submit your application.